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    I feel bad so I’m offering this olive branch to those who thought I was rude and overboard the other night when the subject of of lack of theme customization sucking yada, yada, yada arose yet again. Perhaps the series of articles here would prove to be useful to those who are considering choosing a webhost. This spot here may also be worth visiting.


    Thanks, I am probley going to get my blog hosted here or they are pretty cheap.


    I talked to the guy on live chat at, to further understand, after that I am so lost what I would do after I buy it. I am not very computer savy : ( I dont know all how to do all that file stuff, all I want to do is get it hosted an be able to customise it.

    You: I currently have a free wordpress blog. I am looking to get it hosted. Does everything just transfer over to the hosted version?
    Robb: It should be migrated – the files, the databases, everything.
    You: When I go to the $5.41 a month and press signup it doesent ask to put my current wordpress blog in their, so everything is transferd. Or do I do that after I pay?
    You So when I am done paying, what will I have to do?
    Robb: Actually you are buying a hosting account.
    Robb: The transfer of your blog is your job.
    You: I don’t understand how I would tranfer a free wordpress blog to hosted one. Cause you don’t have any file options on the free one.
    Robb: Ah I see.
    Robb: Well, then I think that you can’t transfer it.
    Robb: Unless you ask the free hosters to provide you with a database dump of your free blog which could be imported later.
    Robb: Still, the worldpress needs to be installed on your account before that.



    Look I hope you’re not still mad at me about my PMS attack and will answer these questions, because the price is important to you.
    (1) Exactly what can you get there that you can’t get here and that you absolutely must have?
    (2) Have you considered keeping up your blog here (in parallel fashion) in case the web hosting thing doesn’t pan out or comes with extra “surprises” like wank and nosysnoop have indicated?
    (3) OOPS! I think we were typing at the same time. Please don’t take this wrong because I’m not mean spirited (just hormonal ) but I’m not as computer proficient as nosysnoop and wank is obviously a geek – this ‘converstaion’ you had makes me feel real nervous.


    No problem I am not mad.

    Basicly all I want to do is turn in my blog, into a blog like this wordpress one or this one



    Migration from will be a reality at some point so if you are concerned about that, wait some time.

    Most hosts will not import anything. They take your money, give you your space and then leave you to it.



    patriotsfan – best advice right now? Go buy the domain name. I use and it’s $8.88 inc privacy (there are MANY other registrars). Once the domain is yours then you can hang on here confident that the name is safe and you can plan on what’s next.


    The support guy may not have been as helpful as possible. WordPress is really a program that has to be installed before you can use it. Once you sign up, you can follow these instructions to install WordPress on your new website.

    After that’s done, you can go to your blog’s dashboard and go to Options : Reading : Syndication Feeds: Show the most recent X posts and set X to the number of posts that you have. Click on save and visit your RSS feed. Save that feed to your computer. You should be able to use that XML file to import your old posts into your new blog [But this import is far from perfect, I admit].



    patriotsfanblog, have you tried contacting the redsox and celtics sites and asking them for advice? Maybe they can host you. All three of you are Boston based teams. Maybe something can be worked out or maybe you can get an affiliate so that you can in the future make some money on the side from your site and have enough to host it. Most sites start off on free blogs and then eventually get hosted themselves. Just don’t get frustrated. It will happen. It usually takes some time. Just maybe start working on your site here now and get the audience and the associates that those two sites have first.



    patriotsfan – If the primary functions you are missing at this point are the ability to chat and to poll this might be remedied by simply joining a forum and linking your blog to it. If the forum owner/administrator is willing then he/she could accomodate you because all forums are set up for chat and for polls. Just a thought but like nosy snoop indicates there are other possibilities so don’t give up your dream – scheme a way to make it happen even if it has to be step by step.
    (1) get a domain name
    (2) check out nosysnoops lead on partnering
    (3) check into forums


    Thanks, I already have a forum and Chat room linked up to my board. I already contaced the two sites and they said that they are to busy to help me. I would just like to add more custom stuff to it like custom header and stuff, I know one theme already has it, but I dont like the theme. I also dont know who to affiliate with, that would realy lead to anything. I will probley just buy a domain and continue on free for now.



    Hey, it’s another Saturday night so do go have some fun. Fun is what web logging is about, so don’t let that slip away or be sucked out of you because it’s our passions and our hobbies that brought us here in the first place. :)


    hahaha yeah, sunday night : ) I just wonder how redsoxblog and celticsblog did it. plus the site that the pod gave me for buying a domain name said, my domain name could not be transford?

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