Choosing the themes and plugins for my site…Any ideas?

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    Hi there –

    I am very new to WP and wondered if any of you could kindly offer me some advice.
    I am looking into getting my website re-made. I want a much cleaner design but the functionality to remain mostly the same with a few changes – Hosts sign up as paid members (they would have their own profile to then edit) and then Guests would also have to sign-in to look at the properties. Internal messaging between the two would be great though online booking is not a necessity.

    I know that a lot of customisation would have to happen (some I could do myself and other bits I’d get a professional – design-wise I’d like there to be hand drawn lines if this is possible) and if I had some idea of what themes and plugs-ins to use that would be a great start. The Hosts area has to have calendar etc. The property search has to be geographical AND by tick-box topic such as ‘by the sea’ and ‘grows own vegetables’.

    Any ideas please let me know – would be so grateful. Equally if you have any questions about the above please ask me – I may not have explained it all very clearly!

    Thanks so much for your help!



    Lots of ideas. Let’s start with:

    1) please don’t make multiple posts in the forums when you just start out, because 90% of questions have already been answered. And it wastes volunteers’ time when we have to read five different threads started by the same person and asking the same questions.

    2) save time by trying a search of the forum for the terms you’re seeking information on, like Plugins. Members. Things like that.

    3) that site isn’t a WordPress.COM site and the functionality you’re looking for can’t be found on a WordPress.COM blog. You are in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.ORG for help with your WordPress.ORG site. is a turnkey site for personal and professional blogging and doesn’t have the features you’re looking for.



    i see. apologies.



    Sorry, I can be curt when I find five or six threads on the same issue at the same time as an actual technical bug epidemic.


    To get design help, consider contacting some web design consultants for help:

    For general help, do post in the volunteer-based forums at as raincoaster recommended.



    thank you designsimply – that’s really helpful :-)

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