Choosing the thumbnail of a multi-image post

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    As a new WP user, I’ve noticed that

      the thumbnail picture

    illustrating each post, in the case of a post containing multiples images,

      is not always the one I would like

    I’ve looked for info on how to select that thumbnail, and apparently it’s not possible. So I’ve a found a workaround, knowing that once the system records the thumbnail of a post, it won’t change.
    So when I create a multi-image post,

      I first create only the text

    , and when I’m done with that and its formatting,

      I add just one image to the post

    , the one which I want used as the thumbnail (and note that it can be an image that won’t be in the finalized post, that’s a powerful bonus feature! :) .
    To have the system record that image as the thumbnail, you then have to Publish the post as is, unfinished imagewise. So, of course, you want to make that temporary situation as short as possible. Besides having my text entirely ready at that point, I prepare beforehand all the images of the post with an index number.
    As soon as I’ve published, I speed to add all necessary images to the post (and remove the initial image if it’s not part of the post but just for the thumbnail), and that usually takes less than a minute.
    And then I click on Update, and… voilĂ  ! (I’m French ;)
    Lionel Lumbroso

    The blog I need help with is

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