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Choosing which picture Displayed for the WordPress Reader

  1. Hoping I am just 'missing' some information. I am somewhat confused when either a video, or picture, or Gallery are chosen (seemingly at random) by the WordPress Reader to be displayed. Often times it is not what I would expect, I'm sure in the past for example, it used to be the 'Featured Image'... not so anymore, and it can be frustrating for me, as I tend to use quite a few pictures in my posts, and / or a Gallery at times whilst some also have a video as well.

    I'd like to be able to 'choose' which one (ie: video / picture or gallery) is displayed in the reader. At times it seems to choose whichever was 'added last'.. but not always.

    Is there a guide to what is displayed in the Reader?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'd like to be able to 'choose' which one (ie: video / picture or gallery) is displayed in the reader.

    We bloggers don't have that ability.

    Currently, when a post with the Standard, Aside, Link, Quote, or Status post format contains a video or audio embed or slideshow, that embed is pulled out and used in the Reader. Otherwise, it uses an image from the post.

    If the post has the Gallery or Image post format, a video or audio embed in that post would not be used in the Reader - one or more images would be used instead.

    The way our RSS feeds work is that it pulls and displays the first image it finds inside the post content. When the Reader looks for an image, it goes for the featured image first and then an image inserted into the post — if there are no images that meet the size criteria mentioned above, it will display the image as a thumbnail instead of a large image.

  3. Thanks TT! At least I know for sure now. Although 'size criteria' is a little lost on me, but I shall 'toy' with it I guess :) The Featured Images I use are never small though rarely chosen by the reader.

    Thanks, Have a great day!

  4. You're welcome and I hope you have a good day too. :)

  5. Thank you :)

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