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    So far this is a pretty crappy site! So much is not working correctly or at all, but I will give it a few more hours and hopefully with some answered questions it will all work out?

    Among other major issues, I want to change the horribly ugly design of the blog and webpage defaulted to by wordpress to chaoticsoul but there was no clearly placed button or information text next to the display pic of this theme in the gallery of few themes available explaining how specifically to save that or any theme to use in ones own profile. So I just clicked the theme image and it seemed to show my wordpress page i am in process of rebuilding ( after wordpress mysteriously deleted all my efforts at putting it together earlier ) as it would look with that theme. Looked okay, but still formatting of words in wordpress is awful, horrible, awful.
    It continually does not remember my specific indentations, alignments of specific certain areas of text but will randomly include other areas of text Ive not highlighted, as i did not want them aligned in same way, and configure them too in say a center oriented alignment rather than left alignment. But even after saving this all alignments often disappear to monotanous full left alignment anyway.

    So then i just went to check my main and so far only wordpress page again and the theme that i thought was added to the look of my page was suddenly gone and the original , default ugly style was displaying again. What is up with this? How to prevent that from defaulting back to when we do not tell it to do so? There is nowhere clearly visible in my main page that even shows me what theme is currently installed and that gives choice of what to do with that or other themes.

    Am also not finding anywhere to use a decent variety of font styles for the pages created. Am I overlooking them? What about font sizing, as this too seems to be missing in action in the menu when at “write page” while creating and editing pages.


    Ah heck, Fu** it. wordpress is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just checked my page again, and not only is the formatting all reverted back and theme is missing again, even the photo i uploaded is gone!

    What a friggin waste of time wordpress is!

    Thanks alot ( not ) wordpress for wasting my precious, valuable time! Bye bye. Off to find a different blog provider that hosts reliable, working and aesthetically attractive userfriendly blogs and websites.



    WordPress isnt a very crappy site from just one small (or maybe big) problem
    and your just a Newcommer. You dont know anything at first but you soon learn the basics
    Check this Page:

    OK for the problem
    Can you post the link here?

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