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    The “choose images” button in the “Gallery” widget in “Twenty fourteen” theme doesnt do anything, in any sidebar. I guess it should open a Edit Gallery, as said in support?? What can I do or what do I have to change so it works?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have the same problem.



    On my test blog, I created a new Gallery widget by doing the following:

    1. Added the widget to my sidebar
    2. Clicked “Choose Images” in the widget which opened the Media Manager
    3. Clicked “Add to Gallery” LINK from the left sidebar in the Media Manager
    4. Selected a multiple of 3 images from the Media files
    5. Clicked “Add to Gallery” BUTTON at the lower right corner
    6. Clicked “Insert Gallery” BUTTON at the lower right corner, which closed the Media Manager and returned me to the Widget.

    Then I selected the “Link To” and Gallery “Style” to display my images and then clicked “Save”.

    The widget appears on the front page of my test site

    All the above was done using Chrome 35.

    If you are not able to create your Gallery widget following the above, please let us know what browser and version you are using and at what point in the process you encounter a problem and what that problem is.



    The problem is that we are stuck at step 2: because when we clicking on ‘choose images’ nothing happens. I tried on the latest versions of Chrome and Safari and the same thing happens.




    in my case the preoblem is solved.
    If I do it from:
    Apperance> customize>widget sidebar doesn’t work,
    but doing it from:
    Appearance>widgets, then all is ok.

    I’m using Chrome 35.




    @nomadicjam – thanks for letting us know that you had success!

    @travelersmap – where are you trying to create the Gallery widget from, in the Widget dashboard or through the Customizer?


    Thanks nomadicjam, that does indeed work.



    @justjennifer I can do it through the widget but not the customizer, but I’m fine with this as well.

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