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Christian Bloggers Unite!!!

  1. All hail Jesus Christ! May His bloggers unite for Him in this forum!!! <3 So how is it to be a Christian blogger? What do you blog about---devotionals, daily life, sermons, daily verses (like me except they aren't daily). Christian movie reviews, or what? Do you think you get more trolls than secular blogs? God bless Jesus' bloggers.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not all my posts are about the Lord, but I'm a christian!

  3. Hey there! My blog is almost like a journal about what God has been doing in my life. I write about things that He teaches me from His Word, as well as other topics that He reveals to me. Enjoy!

  4. God Speaks I Listen

    Hello everyone!

    Well let me throw my hat (blog) into the ring!

    Let it be known that:

    I love the Lord so so much! ....I just Love Him!.... What more can I say?.....Well...stop by my blog...I've got a lot to say.

    God bless everyone!!

  5. I blog about anything and everything that goes on in my life. God is a big part of my life, so he shows up quite a bit in my blog.

  6. i mainly try to stick to book reviews, but i cover other things as well

  7. houseislikelava

    A christian fashion blogger, here! With the slogan; Fashion makes you go forward. Just switch the word fashion to Jesus, it changes the whole perspective :D

  8. Daily Aspects - The Beginning To A New Outlook And Thought Pattern.

    Currently I am not writing new posts but there is a few I have written so far. (I am going to be taking the blog in a new direction for right now I am seeking what direction that the Lord want's me to take with the idea changes for Daily Aspect)

  9. Newest Post → Lord I shall seek you

  10. Jeslmax, has a very interesting blog I recommend checking it out for your self's. = )

  11. houseislikelava

    Hope everyone has been having a good time lately, in the name of jesus.

    The latest post on this blog is out today,

  12. theepottershand

    I will start off by stating that I am absolutely no one. I am merely a vessel with a desire to be used. I created this blog to be of help to myself and others in the Christian walk. I pray as God continues to purge and mold me, that my testimony may provide support and encouragement for others.

  13. thinkingoutkeyboard

  14. I suppose the problem here is I don't post about God, but I am a Christian and hope in the future I may be able to be confident enough to blog about personal experiences and whatnot.

  15. Anyone wanna collaborate and make a christian blog?

  16. sounds interesting-what's the basic plan for format and contents?

  17. @joe

    Im not quite sure yet. Once more people are on board, then more decisions can be made. Probably kind of like smaller devotionals and/or mini sermons.

    Kind of like what I did here:

    Moreso like daily messages focusing on christian topics.

    Kind of hard to word.

    Get what im saying?

  18. I totally get what your saying. I don't really write about my faith and this sounds like a good format for me to start. Keep me informed pal :)

  19. Will do :D

    If anyone else is interested, go to to contact me.

  20. I write The Hour Glass by O.N.Rider. I am a seminary educated christian and use my site to teach and inspire anyone in need of such. It is a littlemore in depth than blogging though I am greatful to bbe a part of WordPress

  21. thinkingoutkeyboard

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