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Christmas tag on posts but they are not on the tag page

  1. The biggest tag of all right now is naturally "Christmas". I have several Christmas themed posts on my blog. I created a Christmas category and assigned it to those posts which can all be found on the front page of my blog at but mysteriously the posts I tagged with "Christmas" as a category are not appearing on the tag page.
    (1) Is this happening to anyone else's Christmas posts too?
    (2) Has anyone got an explanation for this?
    (3) How can it be "fixed"?
    These are the posts in question:

  2. i honestly have no idea.... sorry :(

  3. i have Holiday tags, and those don't screw up... so you could change to "Holiday" instead of "Christmas"

    I guess i might have an idea :D

  4. @drmike
    Any insights to offer? All of the posts above except the last one were posted on December 21st. The last one was posted yesterday.

  5. Listen 2 me. I NO! JUST MAKE THEM CALLED 'Holiday'

  6. bump to drmike (our forum Moderator)

    edit: Hi free willy,
    I put a post on the forum for you and other new penguins. We seem to be getting more penguins every day at wordpress so you aren't going to be lonely for long just wait and see.
    There is something you should know about our forums here. We don't use capital letters because that's SHOUTING and shouting is rude. We also don't use text speak. We speak in correct English to each other.
    Happy blogging to you and Merry Christmas!

  7. You do see how quickly those posts are going by in that category, right? The entire front page is less than an hour old.

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