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chronological order

  1. How can I change my posts/edits to show in chronological order? At present, they show in reverse order.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't. Blogs are essentially a reverse chronological order publishing tool and you cannot change this order on a free hosted blog. Readers come to read your most recent content and when your blog has more content they won't appreciate having to scroll through hundreds of pages to locate it. This is your alternative > write a book

  3. This seems to me a fairly popular request. Can the WordPress boffins offer a solution?

  4. Have you looked at this support document?

    It makes sense that a blog would have the newest posts first and older posts following in reverse chronological order below. If you have regular readers, then they come to read what you have written most recently: most folk don't want to scroll down, down, down to find the most recent news/installment from you. They want to see the latest info right up on top and easily accessible.

  5. Also, there is the archives shortcode which you could put on a page so readers could easily see and read your posts in any order they choose:

  6. The only other alternative to the write a book structure is to purchase the premium theme Chapters - live demo site

  7. The reason I (want to) post mine in chronological order (now using html codes) is because I log my steps/progress in making garb and accessories . In short, I am "walking them" through my progress.

  8. There is no automatic way of posting in chronological order—earliest to most recent.

    This is a blogging platform. Take a closer look at setting up a static front page with an index to your posts.

    If you are comfortable with html, then you can use the archives shortcode to copy / paste new posts into an index page without too much trouble or thought.

    Sorry that I don't have a different solution for you.

  9. Thanks 1tess, I appreciate the response(s).

    Like many people, I have kept a travel blog. I kept the blog private so I could allow comments, but not worry about spam whilst I was on the road. Now that the travel is over I'd like to open the blog to 'the public' but have it read from first post to last.

    I understand how to create an "archive post" to list my posts, but I don't understand how to customize that to be ascending rather than descending, which appears to be an option

    Thanks again.

  10. Yes, you do have the option:

    Option Description Choices Default Setting
    order Sort order asc, desc desc

    so you'd type in this (but add an s to archive):
    [archive order=asc ]

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