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    To enable a reader to reverse the order of the entire blog posts so they can read a blog in chronological order rather than have to go to oldest post and then read forwards.

    This is just a sorting issue and would be so easy to implement.

    The blog I need help with is


    It would require the editing of over 100 themes, and the hacking of the underlying wordpress files. Not as simple task a task as you make it out to be, but I think they need to allow different sorts as well, at least chronological.



    I am surprised – I am a programmer and I am presuming all our blog posts stored in a database so a sort would seem the logical answer to me!

    But maybe I don’t know enough about blogs and you could well be right!


    From what I know, there would be two ways to do this. Add it to the wordpress core so that all themes could take advantage of it. The admin for it would have to be incorporated into the dashboard, stuff moved around and such.

    If you wanted to give the user the control through a widget or something built into the themes, the widget styling would have to be added to each theme’s CSS so that it would look like it was part of the theme rather than an afterthought. Same with incorporating it into the themes itself: where to put it, design considerations so that it doesn’t interfere with this or that, make it look integrated rather than tacked on, etc.

    This could also be done through a plugin as is done on self-hosted blogs (much of the unique functionality here is via plugins written by the staff).

    I know there are a couple plugins that do this for self-hoste blog and I’ve tested a couple but never really used them on a production site.

    Still as I said, I think this functionality, being able to set a different sort order, should be added. Giving the visitor the ability to select the sort order I had not considered, but again, this might be a nice touch.

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