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    Im using the Theme Chunk, and when i add an header the header adds where the menu thing is, by home and about as you can see in my blog.
    What i dint like is the huge white space above it, where the headershould be placed.
    Im using the free version of wordpress so i cant go in the code and change it myself.
    what do i do to fix this? i really like the theme if it would work as it should.
    Any help would be great!

    The blog I need help with is



    We would like to help but you haven’t provided an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question. Will you please post it now?


    You have deleted the site title and tagline at settings > general. All that does is set those two elements to blank. It does not get rid of the elements they are in. To get rid of that space would require the Custom Design upgrade and a little CSS experience.

    Also, from and SEO standpoint, it is not a good idea to have a site without a title set at settings > general. The search engines cannot read what is in an image.


    Ive never had a site title before cause i always use headers and ive never had that problem with any other theme, And to have oth a title and tagline, and a header just looks stupid.. Other teams ive used the title/tagline is at the same spce as the header usually is placed..
    Think i gotta find another theme that lets me have a header without a title and tagline, cause i dont want it to look like that.. too vad cause i really liked the them.


    I’m having the same trouble:( I’m really hoping it’s just a glitch in the design and they’ll be fixing it soon. I really don’t want to have to switch themes!


    @matildawrigsjo, each theme is different. If you don’t like it, switch to another theme or get the custom design upgrade so it can be fixed. The SEO issue is real though. Search engines really, really, really want to see a site title. Find one of the themes that allow you to hide the text at appearance > header.


    @marygraceandmartha, it is as I said the way the theme is and all themes are different. This one leaves the big white blank spot at the top if you don’t have a title set at settings > general. See what I said to @matildawrigsjo .



    Is it possible in Chunk to either remove or change the text in the left hand column from Eleave a Comment” to some other text?

    And can that text be linked to jump to another area of the site and or another page on the site?

    Is it possible to remove the bottom leave reply panel and or change its functionality?



    I second this. I hope Chunk will be modified sometime soon to allow you to place a logo image on top instead of having it written in text..SEO issues notwithstanding. It’s really a lovely theme in all other ways.

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