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    I have the CSS upgrade.

    I’ve spent a while browsing google for answers, giving trial and error with adjusting the codes my best go and am still struggling with getting the text in the menu of my website to straighten up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as to how I go about doing this.

    The website in question is

    Two other queries I have been trying to resolve myself and would appreciate advice on, are how to either remove the smiley face below the blog at wordpress text without messing up statistic counts or breaking policies, or if not possible, to minimize the currently large gap between the two.

    Lastly, how to adjust the gap between the bottom of the menu and the start of the main bodys of text. Same with the bottom of the page too.

    My thanks and sincere appreciation in advance. Alex.

    The blog I need help with is



    remove the smiley face below the blog at wordpress text

    That smiley face means your stats are being counted.

    Do you have CSS editing experience and have you purchased the annually renewable custom design upgrade?



    Thank you for the response. I understand that. Is there perhaps a way then to decrease the gap between the blog at wordpress text and smiley face (currently appears to be two lines) so that they sit next to eachother?

    I do have the css upgrade. Have limited css experience but am quick to learn and have already editted portions of my site, however I have become to become unstuck with what appear to be the more difficult changes.

    Thanks again.



    Hello again,
    I don’t help with CSS editing. Currently only one Volunteer and Staff do so you will have to be patient while you wait for one of them to respond.
    Best wishes with your editing.


    On the smiley:

    #footer {
    margin-bottom: 0;

    On the gap between the menu and the content, try this which will close it up. If you want it closer, let us know.

    #menu {
    margin-bottom: 0;

    The menu centering it looks like you have taken care of.



    God day to you. :)


    G’day to you too.

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