Chunk Theme: change date format?

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    I purchased the CSS upgrade for the Chunk theme and have been having fun customizing. I’ve had good luck with everything except for the date corresponding to each post. I seem unable to change 1) the color nor 2) the date format.

    .hentry .entry-meta .date {
    font-family:Oswald, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

    In the Settings>General menu, I’ve set the format to the desired “01.30.12” format (m.d.y) but the page still displays the default “Jan 30, 2012.”

    Any thoughts? Any help would be much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    Not all themes here pull the date format from settings > general. Some of them are set in the theme PHP script files. If that is the case, then there isn’t anyway to change the format.

    Before we can address the color issue, we need a link to the site. CSS is theme specific so we have to see your site.



    I would do this for the non-hover color:

    .hentry .entry-meta .date a {
    color: #000000;

    And then this if you wish to change the hover color of the date only.

    .hentry .entry-meta .date a:hover {
    color: #AF1E3F;

    Edit the colors as desired.

    Neither of the above are in the original CSS (the colors are inherited from “a” and “a:hover”) so I’ve included additional classes to specifically target the date.


    I’m going to make a suggestion also. Create a new post in the “themes” forum and tell staff about the date not changing. I’m pretty sure they will fix that so that the date format put in at settings > general will control. It really should be that way.

    The theme team do monitor the “themes” forum, but there is no telling when they will be around or when they will fix this.

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