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    I have been trying different CSS and looking not he net for hours and I can’t find any resolution.

    Hoping someone can tell me how to make the content box on my page transparent – I have already created this clear colour in dashboard, as well as the image uploaded obviously.

    Otherwise – is there any way I can move the content box to the left.

    Essentially I need my background image fully visible.


    The blog I need help with is


    This will do it, but the problem you are going to run into is when someone has a narrower monitor, or have their browser set so that the background image is encroaching on the content area, some of the content is going to become unreadable. Give the following a try and narrow and widen your browser window to see what happens.

    #container {
    background none;


    Thanks for your reply.

    I tried this and nothing changes at all. Everything I have been trying doesnt seem to change anything though.

    The content area only seemed to go white when I upgraded to be able to customise the design.

    Its very annoying, especially when I have no CSS experience.

    You wouldn’t happen to have any other ideas? Would LOVE to get this fixed up.

    Thanks :)


    Sorry, I messed up the code I posted above (missing colon). Use this instead.

    #container {
    background: none;


    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that just worked. I have been fiddling with this code for days with no CSS knowledge and you fixed it in two posts. Haha, thanks!

    One more question. Do you have any idea how I can make my ‘copyright’ text run along the bottom of the page, centre aligned? Rather than vertical/center as it is now? And is it possible to place the other widgets (twitter, archives, subscribe) on the left of my blogs, or will they always be positioned at the bottom?

    Thanks in advance!


    <grin> It would have only been one post by me if I hadn’t forgotten the colon.

    This works, but it might blow up if you change or add any other widgets to your bottom widget area. Typically you would use position absolute, but that doesn’t work and the copyright disappears.

    #text-2 {
    position: relative !important;
    text-align: center;
    width: 800px !important;


    Thanks again, it looks great!

    I will be sure to keep fiddling with it to get some more practise!



    You are welcome.

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