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    I am waiting for a response back from Support about this question, but I was wondering if anyone has noticed a change in Chunk theme since the new Custom Design changes last week?

    The problem comes with the main content box being solid rather than transparent now. It’s solid white and doesn’t seem to be editable and alters the whole look of the theme, for the worse in my opinion.


    The blog I need help with is



    Were you able to fix this at all?

    I either need a transparent content box or my background image to be pushed to the front… Or maybe the content box to be shifted to the left of the screen?



    Ah, so you have the same problem then. I’m glad at least it’s not just something unique to me. I have contacted Support on two separate occasions now but have had no response on this issue.




    Its so annoying! Im getting help from a quy on my post. Maybe follow it encase there is a resolution.

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