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    I am wondering whether there is a way i can make a claim to obtain a domain within of a blog that is last updated in 2005? If that is possible – how do I continue?



    No there is not. There is no requirement that one has to use a blog they have registered under their username. How frequently a blogger chooses to post to their blog, or if they choose not to post at all, is not of concern to Staff. Full explanation here.


    I have a similar question, except in this case when I go to the it says the blog has been deleted by the owners.

    Is there a way I can apply to take over the name of a deleted blog? It’s a very generic name and a shame it is going to waste!




    Names are never recycled, once a name is deleted it is gone forever.


    Thanks. I do think it’s quite odd. If I fail to renew a domain name, it becomes available to another person. Seems to me WordPress names ought to work the same.



    The WordPress.COM reasoning is what if you had a site – nice family orientated etc. and then you deleted the name and I took it over and put content that you found disturbing and objectionable and your friends and relatives continued to visit the site getting upset at my content and thinking that you were the slime content producer.

    Yes the regular names on the internet are different – I got my name because the original registrant never used it in the 10 years that they had the domain – so I got a good name from the early time of the internet – short and easy to remember.

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