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  1. Um, rather than my usual "dashboard button when I sign in, I now have a button that say's "claim your blog"

    I click it and it tells me the link is broken.

    Can I have my dashboard back please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I agree! What the heck is going on?

  3. Can I just claim it here? It's mine! Mine Mine Mine all mine!! :)

  4. lifeofthedifferentlyabled

    yes me to?

  5. theadventureofmotherhood

    mine is doing the same thing must be something wrong with wordpress

  6. WTF? First google with its "background image" I never wanted and now "Claim my blog!" Isn't that a "technorati" thing?

  7. Me too - this is very poor customer service. These sorts of changes need to be better communicated.

  8. ladylibertyslamp

    same here, has wordpress been hacked?

  9. I'm so glad to see others are having this problem. I thought I may have to stop drinking for a while.

  10. Happening to me also

  11. yeah, broken link. not cool.

    please fix

  12. ladylibertyslamp

    lookitsbray- no don't stop drinking!!! NEVER!!

  13. STOP THIEF!!!!

  14. shopaholicsarah

    agree, what is wrong, this sucks. Any eta?

  15. same here, what does that mean? it's my blog for sure!

  16. I agree.. not happy =/

  17. ladylibertyslamp I'll take that advice to heart.

    Bottoms Up!!!

  18. shopaholicsarah

    It's back just that quick. Thanks.

  19. Well fuck my life!!! My dashboard is back!! Drinks for everybody!!!

  20. has anyone received any insight from WordPress on this one?

  21. Whats going on? Why should I claim my blog???? HELP

  22. Problem has been solved, y'all.

  23. Sigh.

  24. Same problem here. I thought I was going to get some helpful information on what's going on... But, we're ALL confused!!! Someone HELP us! :-)

  25. ladylibertyslamp

    well, mine is back to normal. nice chatting with ya'll


  26. anthonytimberlake

    I'm sure it's just a bug, not a change.

  27. solved in here, thanks! but i'd love to know what was the problem.

  28. We're making some updates to the admin bar across all blogs, so you may notice a few temporary glitches as we finish this up.
  29. Andy, please see this topic about i18n issues of new admin bar.

  30. pornstarbabylon

    Oh God. Is WordPress going to turn into Facebook and ask for personal information?

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