Clarification of legality

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    I have finally settled down at WordPress. It’s a great software except for some hiccups in the configuration.

    There are plenty of people at blogger who have thier anonymous comments switched off as a reault of which you cannot give them the wordpres link. To reach out to such people, one would have to continue with blogger for a while. Please reconfirm that there is nothing wrong in having the same original post at both wordpress and blogger. I don’t want any legal or other trouble with them or you. Thanks.


    It’s your work. You can do what you want. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again. There is ZERO ZILCH NONE NO legal problems with having your blog posts posted on every possible free blog hosting site on the Internet. Stop worrying about it.



    Thank you. Just wanted to be sure.



    I have clients who have blogs here, on my servers, on *shudder* MSN…


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