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    I noticed the photos on my blog look a little fuzzy, not as clear as they are offline. Is there something I can do to get the crisper?
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    The blog I need help with is



    Which photos are you referring to? Can you please try clearing out your cache?


    All of my photos. I’ll try clearing the cache. Thanks.



    Thanks, please let us know how that goes.


    I did it and added a new post today and its still the same. If you look at the faces, they’re fuzzy. This is not how it looks offline.



    I’m not noticing anything too fuzzy myself. When then images are uploaded and saved in various sizes, there is of course a slight loss in quality due to it being re-saved. This is normal for almost any website platform or image service.


    i understand that but i also notice my photos are not as crisp as other blogs. thats why i msgd about this. i see sharpness in eyes, where as my photos are fuzzy. especially on the faces of my subjects. i feel like potential clients might see it as a reflection of my work.



    I’m not really seeing any major difference on other blogs. Keep in mind that the amount of compression is relative to the original size and the amount of compression (if any) you have done beforehand.

    If you’re uploading the direct-from-camera original files, they’ll be compressed more heavily than others. If you are, you might want to do your own compression and resizing first.

    We don’t have any further control over the level of compression applied here besides the initial setting. We have a lot of professional and hobbyist photographers on staff, so we already have it tuned for the best possible quality. The only control we have beyond that is just making sure that you’re aren’t over compressing on your end first, and that the photos are below an average screen size (like 1280 or 1600 in width).


    i bring them down to 640×960 before uploading them online. is that a good size? and i do it from my computer not the camera.



    Hm, that’s actually pretty small, which may explain the over-compressed look.

    Try just resizing them down to 1280 in width, or even 1600 in width.

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