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Classes and ID's

  1. Is there a documentation written somehwere, or perhaps one in work, that includes a list of all used classes and id's for each aspect of the blog?

  2. Not really. They're theme dependant and different designers use different ones.

    Best bet would be to take a look at the CSS of the theme that you're trying to modify.

  3. Arg, I didn;t consider that when I posted. Someone slap me!

  4. Don't give TT and Nosy any ideas. :)

  5. Mwuahahaha

  6. No, actually there is some documentation. Please be patient. It'll appear at the bottom of the Sandbox Skins menu in your blogs.

    The documentation features tables outlining what the various classes are and how they're generated, etc.

    In the meantime, you can access this file at

    Sandbox readme.html (Temporary)

    Please note that much of the language in this version is not and so please use it as a reference for its class tables only. When it's been revised and simplified, (b) you will be able to access it through the Sandbox Skins menu under Dashboard of your blog.

    If you find this file confusing right now, then please just ignore it. It is not final.

  7. The Web dev extension for Firefox has a *display ids and classes * function.

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