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    This could have been avoided with a little foresight on my part, but when I first started to respond to people liking my posts or following my blog, I’d often respond by posting a thank you on their “About” or “Bio” page. Most people had the same idea.

    Now, though, when I look at the “Comments I’ve Made,” half of the threads displayed are these “About” threads and the dozens, if not hundreds of replies that have come after my thank you. Is there anyway I could prune these threads from the “Comments I’ve Made” so I can more easily see the important threads I’d like to keep tabs on?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there. Only the owner of the blog can delete your comments, as the comments belong to that blog. Your best bet would be to post another comment, asking the blog owner to delete your previous comment (and that one, obviously).


    There’s no way available to simply hide the threads from the “Comments I’ve Made” feed? If not, I feel this is a feature that should be incorporated into the new “My Activity” format.


    Unfortunately, there is no way to hide them, as they are, indeed, comments you have made. The comments should, however, show in the order you made them, so as you continue to make future comments, these should drop towards the bottom of the list.


    Except that, as soon as another person comments on the same page, it jumps to the top of the feed again, repeating over and over.

    It’s disappointing that threads can’t be removed from the feed, but I’ll have to live with it.


    I’m sorry you don’t like the way this feature is implemented. If you’d like, you can suggest an improvement in the Ideas forum.

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