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    I am looking into redoing the entire look of my site. In order to do that I wanted to clean up everything and start from the ground up. However, I’m afraid that even if I delete all the stuff I have now, all the stuff I have deleted will still take up space on my website. Sooo if I wanted to make an image called banner.jpg, I wouldn’t be able to because its still in my space, but hasn’t been cleaned up even thought I deleted it.

    Is there a fix for this? can I start over at 100% space?

    The blog I need help with is



    Will you please post an active link beginning with http:// to the blog in question?


    I’m sorry, I thought it would show up when it asked me before I posted :P



    When you talk about deleting stuff, do you mean your posts, categories, images etc? Or just the theme?

    Don’t delete anything until you’ve talked to us.Delete is PERMANENT.


    I don’t plan on it.

    What I am trying to delete is all my images. The problem is, when I delete some of my images it never decreases the amount of space I have used. What I am afraid of, is that if I delete images I have, that I won’t get the space they took up back. And thus in the future I will run into a problem of space.

    And I’ve found that when I delete an image, I can never use that name again. I’m guessing that is because when I delete something its never really completely gone, only gone enough for me to not use it. So if I wanted to start my site all over again under the same name I would never be able to re-upload an image without having to change its name.



    Don’t delete images to free up space. Just register another blog, and use the three gigs of space in that blog. Upload photos there, copy the URL and embed them in your first blog.

    Also, make sure your images are optimized for the web. You shouldn’t hit that limit. I’ve been here six years, put images in every post (4200+) and haven’t hit the limit.


    The problem is I’ve been linking people to the domain I have for YEARS. If I changed the blog now it would ruin the links people have made to me in the past and screw up my traffic I get from Google and



    No, no, don’t change the blog. Just register a new one and upload your photos to that. You can get the URL of the uploaded image, and copy it. Then go to your REAL blog, the important one, and do the regular Add Image, but when the box pops up, select Add image from URL, and put the URL in there. So the image is hosted at SecondaryBlog and it shows up on Real Blog.


    I’m talking about them being linked to my specific pages.

    I get alot of traffic to my tutorials. I would like to keep those pages associated with my page.

    Like these:

    I wanted to re-design all these pages with thumbnails that I make, just to make it all look nicer and be more organized.

    If I get another blog, I want it to still be under the name AviannaCosplay. I’m afraid if I made another blog entitled say AviannaCosplay2… I don’t want to have to link back and forth from my old black to the new one in order to keep the traffic I get.

    I hope this is making sense.



    Why don’t you ask about the Space Upgrade? Then you could just keep uploading things to your present blog, even if you’ve hit the 3 gig limit. Then you don’t need a second blog (and I wasn’t suggesting you actually use the second one to blog: just upload images). If you delete images from your media library, you don’t get that space back at all AND the images are gone from your posts. If you just want to rearrange the posts, why not just remove the images from the post, leaving them in the media library in case you want them later?


    Okay, I see what you are saying now. I guess I was wanting to just rename and rearrange everything. But, I understand your suggestion now.

    Thanks for your time, I’ll just do that :D


    You’ve got nothing to worry about. You only have 33 posts, with an average of one image per post, plus a few static pages with groups of images. All your images are small files (resolution 72, as it should be). This means you’ve used very little of your available 3GB of storage space, and you’ve got room for several thousand more.

    As for this:
    “I’ve found that when I delete an image, I can never use that name again”
    It only applies if you try to re-upload an image with the same name the same month.


    As for this:
    “I’ve found that when I delete an image, I can never use that name again”
    It only applies if you try to re-upload an image with the same name the same month.

    Oh! Thank you sooo much for this! I really wanted to edit a photo I had uploaded before and I want to re-upload it, but I couldn’t name it the same and it was really bothering me.


    (To confirm what I’m saying, go to Media>Library and check the used/remaining figures.)


    You’re welcome (my previous remark was obviously typed before I saw your response)!



    Since Nov 2006, I have published 581 posts to-date that are photo intensive and have only used “460.7 MB used with 2.6 GB (85.0%) upload space remaining.” I keep each image I upload between 150-200 KB @ 620 pixel wide. I’m happy to see I still have lots of room to grow my blog.


    Right Jan. Many users either don’t know that they’ve got 3GB of space or don’t realize how large this is! My guess is that Avianna hasn’t used more than 1% or 2% of her storage space.


    I was just concerned because I didn’t want to waste any space and I was planning on uploading alot in the coming months. I guess I just didn’t know exactly how much space it truly is.



    Yeah and what’s even crazier is that services like SugarSync now gives you 5GB of free storage. Wow!


    @avianna: If you go to your Media Library and check the percentage you’ve used as well as the number of images you have uploaded, you’ll have a rather clear idea of how many more you can upload before you’ll have to start worrying. The users that waste space are those that upload huge high resolution files straight from their digital cameras – you’re not guilty of that!

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