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    Hey there,
    I would say I know my way around pretty well but lately everything just kinda turned my world upside down after purchasing a domain name for my photography website.

    (Right now I just have a default theme up)

    First of all, I bought a domain name on, then bought a theme from
    And then realized that I needed WordPress.ORG to upload this theme, but I don’t know the first place to start trying to upload the theme folder.
    Do I need to buy a hosting site to be able to upload my purchased theme or does my $99 purchase of a domain from wordpress.COM cover that ‘hosting’?

    The blog I need help with is



    No upgrade will allow you to upload such a theme. The only themes we can use on are those we find in our Dashboard under Appearance as well as in the Theme Showcase. You can also find there some very good themes geared for photography.

    If you want to stay with, contact themeforest and explain the problem to get a refund.

    If you want use the theme you purchased from themeforest, then you will have to purchase 3rd party hosting elsewhere and set up the standalone version of WordPress there. Here are a few more points about self-hosting as mentioned by the sacred path, another forum volunteer:


    Hey justjennifer,

    When I purchased the theme from this website it is compatible with WordPress 3.1 and up. One thing I do know is that it is possible to upload a theme from other than the wordpress site itself, but I am just not quite sure where and how. otherwise why would there be so many sites with the demand of customization?
    Thanks for the help though!



    It really sounds to me that with your level of knowledge you don’t want to get into self-hosting. If you do go down that route you will be responsible for all the things that does for you – backing up, applying security patches, etc.

    If you do want to go down this route you can ask at



    One thing I do know is that it is possible to upload a theme from other than the wordpress site itself

    This is not correct for WordPress.COM sites. It is not possible.


    Hey Raincoaster,

    Yes I do know that it does not work on the .com site, but is it not also possible to upload onto the .org site to make it work on the .com site?



    No, .org and .com are completely different. is a web host that runs a customized version of WP software. only supplies blogging software: you need to find a host to use the software with. By definition, those at are using software. If you want to use software in order to use external themes, you have to find a different web host.



    When you have a self-hosted WordPress install on 3rd party hosting, the sky is the limit as far as customizing your site. But that means you do not host your site with

    Maybe you’d better read this for better clarity on what the differences are between hosted (where we are) and self-hosted WordPress installs:

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