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    is this possible to use? or do i need to upgrade my account first? thanks! :)


    For some reason I can’t get through on that link. But is it javascript code or html code? Javascript isn’t allowed on blogs due to security reasons.


    I got through once, but when I tried to get the code, the site went down.

    Do you have the code? If so, post it here between backticks (`) which is the key to the left of the #1 key on the north american keyboard.


    here is a link-see if it works. i have to unzip the file then input it as a plugin to activate it.


    That is a plugin and we cannot use or upload plugins here at and from what I can see, they don’t have any other options available that would work at The “wordpress” they are talking about is the self-hosted version of wordpress that you install on your own web host.


    ah ok. thanks! :)


    You’re welcome. Sorry the answer was not what you wanted. Happy blogging.

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