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  1. Hello everyone. I am new here, Visit my Blog and tell me what you think of it as a start, i will post more pages and add new contents but would like your opinions and ideas on how to get my Blog out there :)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please come back and take the time and effort to post an actual blog promotion here that states what you blog is about and I will click in but not before that. I hope you can read the message between the lines because bloggers are busy people. They aren't hanging around here waiting to "click me" because someone new has arrived. Learning how to approach other bloggers and how to effectively promote your blog to them is critical when it comes to attracting readers and subscribers. Please give it a try, okay?

  3. @timethief thank you for reply i need an answer like yours, i never was a blogger before and i really dont know what bloggers do exactly, i am still lost and confused in setting the blog proper !

    I too lead a busy life but i feel that i have something to say , i would love to get my blog up and running and thought proper advice from proper bloggers will put me in the right way

  4. hey I've just started a blog about anything and everything really- post on sport and music festival atm- more to follow. Would be great if you could check it out or even follow?
    Some interesting blogs here- happy blogging all

  5. @troubledegyptian
    I'm a blogging tips blogger and I's be glad to help and I'd be glad to help. My content is focused on WordPress blogging tips, tools and tutorials aimed at on becoming a better blogger, building a better blog & effective blog promotion.

    This may be a good starting point for you. Why about pages are essential

  6. ***headpalm** I'm sorry about the unintended repetition above. :(

  7. @troubledegyptian
    If you would like to get your blog out there, i suggest you visit other peoples blogs and leave comments. That would draw others to yours, and if they like your blog, they will then subscribe. I hope this helps.

  8. @troubledegyptian
    There are links to earlier forum threads that are useful when it comes to increasing traffic and to learning how to effectively promote your blog:
    increase traffic

    Your first focus has to be on structuring your blog for reader access and convenience and on frequently publishing original content. Many new bloggers skip over:
    creating an About page and blog description;
    creating an effective blog title and tagline;
    learning how to assigning a minimal combined number of relevant Categories and tags to their posts.

  9. you are big help @timethief , I am going to the links you gave me now, thanks a million, i am also visiting blogs and leavinf comments for posts i lie and find useful , i am bit slow on computers but i will try my best to do it right :)

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