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    Is it possible to set a gallery
    so that when you click on one image,
    it opens a new page?



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    Yes. Here is the support site info about galleries:
    When you insert a gallery, you have a choice:
    Link thumbnails to:

    Image File: A direct link to the full size uploaded image.
    Attachment Page: A specialized page in your blog that shows the image in your selected theme

    Tick “attachment page.”




    I am trying to make it so when you click on an image in the gallery it pops open a whole new window.
    is this possible?


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    And upon clarification, the answer is no. You can not make a larger image open in a new (pop-up) window here on You want something like lightbox? But that uses javascript which is forbidden here. At one point there was a “trick” using thickbox, until we realized that it worked only for logged in users.

    see here:


    Thanks for your time on this 1tess.

    In some of my Photo galleries, such as Gardens and Suburbs,
    I have close to 700 images,
    so I am trying to figure out a way to have the gallery
    show with like 100 images to each page, using [ gallery ] code.

    I wish there was a way to use the <— next —> code to
    break the gallery images up into pages.

    I may just have to reupload images to small amounts in each gallery.

    thanks again, any ideas are much appreciated..


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    Opinion here:
    If I were you, I would cull a lot of those photos. For example, on your Gardens gallery, choose the best one of each plant. As it looks now, well, this is my own experience: I take dozens of photos of a subject with a digital camera, and one might be a “winner” and the others are not great. Why do you need to show your readers the images that are less than the best?
    Just my opinion.

    I’d suggest that you make posts about your best images rather than pages of galleries. No one really wants to look through even 100 images, especially when they are groups of somewhat similar pictures.

    You are the artist, and an artist must make choices. Not everything you do is great. (remember, this is my opinion based on my own experience) Even a great artist experiments and produces work that is not up to “wonderful.”

    Choose an image or two of each topic (“cactus of the sunrise” for example, and make a choice which one is best), then make a post about that image. Assign it to a category like “cactus” so readers could find it on your blog.

    One bit of information about blogging you may not be aware of is the difference between posts and pages. You can categorize (or tag) posts, but not pages. Take a look at this support document:

    Also keep in mind that people don’t usually look via search engines for such general topics as “garden” but rather they look for specific things. My blog is about cooking Japanese food, but one of my most popular posts is (keeping to the category of plants) my post about “sweet potato vine.”


    Thanks for your input
    I’m pulling roses from my gardens and scenes of mount diablo from my surburbs.

    enjoy seeing the art and photography!

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