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  1. Will someone please tell me the technical name for the gray box design on this page: . I want to condense the amount of information that is shown on a page. (Click the gray bar to show the paragraph). This design will be added to the content part of the page (not a widget column) and I need assistance with the html code or a widget that will give me a clue. Thank you!

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  3. doesn’t exist

    Please link to the site you are asking about.

  4. I believe what you want is called an accordion. But we cannot use javascript here on

  5. Thank you! I really appreciate your fast response. What about paragraphs that show "more..." - when the "more..." is clicked the rest of the paragraph is revealed. Is that javascript as well? I have seen it used in widgets. Thanks again!

  6. You can easily use that. It's the More tag, and it's the one that looks like a dotted line across the page. Put your cursor where you want the break to be, click the button, and there it is!

  7. Thanks raincoaster! I'm trying to create a way to hide paragraphs (which can be revealed with a click). Apparently, accordian javascript can't be used in WordPress. Any ideas? (see the gray boxes at for example)

  8. The more tag just allows you to show part of a post, so when you click it the whole post becomes visible.

    Javascript is used in widgets here, but we cannot use it.

    You could do page jumps in combination with pagination.
    also this:

  9. You can use "cursor help" for words
    <span style="cursor:help;" title="ADDITIONAL_INFO">WORD</span>

    Paragraphs would be sort of difficult to read: you cannot format what shows.

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