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  1. It used to be I could click on my photos to view full size. Not any more. Is that feature available somehow?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. when you upload a photo and are going through the part where you can edit the title and add a caption, click on the 'file url' so that the picture will be linked to the picture in its original size.

  3. Okay, I tried that, but it says address not found

  4. 1. your blog address does not have wwww in it.
    2. you should first follow the guidelines here:
    3. the first photo on your blog has this link: http://idl/ which is wrong. You need to correct this link.

  5. I'm aware of the http address, but not sure how to fix it. Before all I had to do was upload a photo and it was automatic. That does not seem to be the case now. It works with media, but not the photos.



  6. guerro, here's your picture's link address:

    Open to edit the post, click to edit the picture and paste above address in Link URL box.

  7. The question has been answered time and again in the forum. After uploading, you now need to click "File URL" before inserting the image. And you only have to do this once: the uploader will then remember your preference (till you change it to a different one).

    To correct non-linking images you have already uploaded, you go to the visual post editor, click on the image, click the mountain icon, click "Link to image", click Update.

  8. Thank you, Arifsali. That worked. Now to give panaghiotisadam's a try.

    Appreciate it very much.


  9. Ok, those are working, but I'm not getting that 'snap' window when I put my cursor on the photo, and when it does open in a new page, it's often just a thumbnail or the sane size as is on the blog page. What I need to is to view full size.

    That used to be just automatic. How can I get that 'snap' window, like on photos uploaded in the past??


  10. 1. The snap preview feature isn't directly related to images: you activate or deactivate it under Appearance>Extras.

    2. You've got some thumbnails linking to single images of the same size because their URL has retained the command for resizing (I don't know how you did that). You need to remove that command from the URLs (the part after "jpg").

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