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    Hey, I want to know if I’m able to clickable images in my header image? On the site, I have a black bar there temporarily while I’m working on designs. Below that, I have my “Follow me” links. If you click them, it’ll take you to the respective pages. What I want to know is, is there a way to get that “Follow me” section into the black header .png image?

    I know the header image goes back to my home page but I’ll like to have the FB, Twitter, and YT links inside that and clickable just as they are on my page.

    The blog I need help with is



    I believe image mapping is a level of customization beyond what can be done on a blog custom image header but I could be wrong so I tagged this thread for a Staff response.



    The phrase “level of customization beyond what can be done on a blog” is taken from a stock staff reply. I have repeatedly pointed out (and demonstrated) that this reply is wrong.

    But links on specific areas of an image need to be defined via specific points relative to the image or the whole theme, so first of all you need a fixed-width theme.
    a) It’s possible to insert the logos elsewhere then reposition them so that they show up in front of the header image. But the page will load faster if you use an image editing application to create a composite header image that will incorporate the logos. Can you do that?
    b) Do you have or are you planning to buy the Custom Design upgrade?



    I believe I am able to do “a)”. I created a mock image and have uploaded it to my site to show if this is what your talking about.

    I hadn’t initially planned on buying the Custom Design b/c I’m still in the very infancy of the website & YT channel production. Plus, I’m not proficient in the least with web coding.



    Id you want to go the CSS route, know that justpi can supply the CSS code to you, however, the custom design upgrade is not a one time purchase. It’s an annually renewable upgrade.



    a) Yes, this is what I’m talking about.
    b) I asked about the upgrade because this would affect what technique and what themes can be used. Without the upgrade you can only use a workaround that works in relatively few themes.
    So start with the first two groups of themes I’m listing here:
    See if you like any of them (some will be excluded right away, as they don’t support a header image). If you find one you like, create the composite image in the exact pixel dimensions specified in Appearance > Header and then I’ll work out the code you’d need. If you don’t find one you like, I’ll see if some of the newer themes I haven’t tested would do, and I’ll let you know.

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