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    Hi, i followed the advice on the forum to get my photos to click through (, but they all appear the same size. they were all originally posted as aligned thumbnails. is there a way of making them go to their maximum size when they’re clicked through?
    any help, as ever, much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    You’ll need to go to the html editor and remove this part from the image code:


    If you are afraid of messing with the html, then (in the visual editor) click on the image, click the edit button (mountain icon), remove same thing from the link URL, click Update, click Update Post.


    ps – new ones that i put into a post work fine. they expand to maximum size on clickthrough. it’s a question of how to re-edit the posts with the photos already uploaded….


    That’s what my reply was about.


    my additional comment crossed with your reply. off to have a go at editing html. many thanks


    excellent. many thanks. i was a bit fearful of taking out the ones that said “?w=148” but went ahead and they were fine too! that’s two you’ve sorted for me. v grateful.

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