Clicked Save-draft and it deleted my post!

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    I was writing my blog and I hit save draft then it deleted my post. I had over 1600 words and now there are zero! I can’t find it autosaved anywhere. I tried deleting my cookies and caches. I don’t know what to do!

    The blog I need help with is


    How are you adding new posts, are you doing it from the dashboard (QuickPress), from the admin bar, from the reader? Or from the Posts -> Add New, if it’s not this one, you should only use this one, especially for the longer posts, since it is the most reliable one. If you can’t see it anywhere, then it’s probably gone. Did anything happen after you pressed save draft? Have you checked the Trash?


    I did it in Posts >> add new posts. I keep reading about autosave versions being somewhere but I can’t find them anywhere. Nothing happened after I pressed save draft except all my blog was gone! Where is the trash?

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