Clicking Follow on another blog fails

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    I have tried to Follow another couple of blogs by clicking Follow. This is one:
    The box comes up and I fill in the email address I use with my account. This used to work (I think something has changed; I don’t remember having to fill in my email address).
    This results in this message:
    “Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.

    You can now manage the blogs you follow in the Reader on the home page.”

    There was another post that said something about username not being linked with the primary blog, but mine already is.

    The blog I need help with is



    This blog does not have a blog subscription widget in the sidebar.

    Clicking the “follow” button on your top gray Admin bar when you are logged into results in the blog being added to your your Reader.!/read/following/

    I’m not clear of where you were or which button you clicked that produced that error message. Please post the URL for exactly where you were when you got that error message.



    That site linked to your username is not a blog. This is the blog your username ought to be linked to


    In Personal Settings, Primary Blog is set as you said (it’s a pulldown). That is what was referred to in a different forum post which I can’t find right now.
    Under Account Details on that same page, I have my website address where I keep my Lightroom galleries–are you saying that I should put my blog address into that field also?

    As for the other two blogs I’m trying to Follow, the Follow shows up in the lower right corner of the browser window, from the main page. The other blogs that I already Follow I think were Followed as you said, from the top Admin bar.
    This is the other blog I wanted to Follow. Both appear to be blogs, and I was signed into wordpress when I tried to Follow.


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