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Clicking Page Sends To Wrong Page?

  1. What is going on? Heres whats up...

    I have made a new forum for my blog. As I know you cannot embed the forum onto your blog, so I decided to make a page with the link in it and maybe a paragraph about the Forums.

    Okay, so I made my Forums page on my blog, I have written a little summary, and linked to the Forums. I clicked on publish. When to I onto View Website... I wanted to proofread. So I click on forums, instead of directing me to the Forums page I created, it redirected me to the WORDPRESS FORUMS?!?!

    The title of the page is called "Forums"

    Whats going on, and how do I stop this?

    If it helps the link to my blog is...


  2. Post the code in your link here between backticks (the key to the left of the #1 key on the north american keyboard which also has the ~ on it).

  3. That is really weird. Maybe it's getting redirected to the Forums somehow.

  4. Never mind the above. Try renaming the page title to "My Forums" and see what happens.

  5. WHAT?!

  6. Oops the WHAT?! was for your first comment, okay, so i will try changing the title

  7. Okay I tried and I still does not work???

  8. Can you copy and paste the code that you used for the link here so we can see? You'll need to put the marks around it so that the code itself is displayed:YOUR CODE HERE`

  9. Sorry, forgot that the backticks won't show! It's these: `

  10. If your asking for the Link to my forums its

    ^^ That link has backticks... this one does not. I did not know wich one you wanted...

  11. That is bizarre. I've never seen this before.

    I think you definitely need to contact staff about this.

  12. Try changing your page slug to 'message-board'.

    Right now, your forum URL reads: "" so wordpress redirects whatever says forums in the URL to here. If you change the slug so that it reads "", then you'll be able to read your page.


  13. Thanks I Will try... Althought I changed the name of the page to Message Board before... i will add it to the slug


  15. @compwhiz5000
    Will you please use the option in your original posts to this and other threads to mark your issues as "resolved" when that is the case?
    The other 2 threads on this same issue are:
    Thanks, in advance. :)

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