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Clicking Save Goes Back To Previous Page?

  1. I really miss the days when clicking "Save" closed the edit screen and opened the previous screen where I clicked "Edit Post". It was really convenient. Now it is a pain in the butt to navigate back to where I was previously and then configure that screen to filter the posts correctly so that I can click on the next post that I want to edit. Some things need to stay the way they are! Or at least give us the option to do things a new way OR an old way. User friendly involves leaving the option to do things the old way, or the new way, not "my way or the highway"

  2. Does anybody else feel my pain?

  3. pornstarbabylon

    My problem is that when I publish a post, it saves it as a draft instead. Then I have to go to the draft and edit it and click publish again.

  4. It should not be doing that. When you hit publish it should be a done deal.

  5. Right click on the edit button and choose "Open link in a new tab"? When you've finished, just close the new tab? I never had the old way so this works fine for me.

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