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    Does anyone know a way to find out what kind of clickouts our users are doing on our sidebars? I’d love to know if they’re heading off to my blogroll, but haven’t ever seen a click like that in my Click stats. Are my embedded links just that fascinating that it’s never once occurred to anyone to click out on my sidebar? I doubt it.

    Is there a way to get at that info? I’d really like to know this stuff.

    Also, second question: because I’ve got links in my posts configured to open in new windows (I know, I know, “standards” but I prefer offering people the choice of leaving or staying and continuing to read) do they count as off-clicks when they’re really not?



    I don’t know anything on this, so I won’t even try to tell you something I don’t. Interesting enough though, I have a couple of links in my sidebar blogroll that get clicked and they don’t exist anywhere else in my site……I am lost now myself!




    Very odd. I was in a techie blogging conference and mentioned that, as far as I could tell, I’d never once had a clickout on my sidebar. This was greeted with absolute horror (sidebars are bigger with techies than content, I sometimes think: ever seen Bryght?). It’s obviously far more important to ad-revenue sites than for us, but still it would be interesting to see how compelling our sidebars are relative to our content links. I’m very proud of my blogroll and would like to see some of my readers doing exploring there, but as far as I know it doesn’t happen.



    /me goes over to and clicks on a bunch of links just to mess with Rain. :)

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