Clicks, Ad Links Trouble?

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    Past few days Dashboard lists -Referrals -Search words –that landed readers to my blog, but: no “clicks” –posts they clicked on –click section blank. If it matters: I’ve used two, to check: IE and Firefox, but “clicks”/pages section is blank with both browsers.
    Anyone also having that prob?
    Remedy? A fix I can do? Or behind-the-curtain issue?

    I don’t spend much time around wp, forums, etc., so am I out-of-date:
    I wrote a post last night, re nukes -Japan, radiation, etc., with links –for specifically: links to
    -buy emergency preparedness kits
    -donate to org’s which do environment watch -suits -clean-ups, politics, etc.
    BTW: it’s no benefit to me, I wouldn’t gain from any click.
    Am I going to have trouble with ‘management’ for those ‘money’ links? I picked most-neutral/non-commercial links
    I could find, but: link to make a purchase, even to a non-profit –even for survival, MAY still be interpreted as “advertising” –to the ‘Oz’ guys.

    So: verdict? Do I need a remedy –a note to management, or any thing for “advertising” links to non-profits?
    Hoping WP peeps also catch this, post reply. (Way way don’t wanna get blog boinked, and
    don’t want to remove links….)

    The blog I need help with is



    Is this post visible? Or wp bot still thinks this handle is spam? Still want reply.



    Hi. Since no one responded as of yet, and since we volunteers have no say about what goes and what doesn’t, I recommend you contact staff to get an official answer:

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