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clicks - how to improve

  1. I have a number of thumbnails and hyperlinks and feel that the click rate (as recorded by WordPress stats) should be a be a bit higher. It may be that these are not being recorded - or it could be that people just dont click-through as much as might be expected?

    Any views?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think that I have managed to answer my own question. I would seem that clicks on images created as a gallery are recorded under "top posts and pages" rather than "clicks" on the stats page.

    It seems a bit strange and helps to explain why "clicks" are lower than expected.

  3. The Clicks are links that people click on to LEAVE your blog. Internal links don't count.

  4. Hi RC

    On my blog clicks on thumbnail images are definitely recorded under "clicks". These images are stored in the sites media storage area.

  5. Well here is what the suuport documentation states:

    These are external links that appear on your blog, and are actually clicked by your readers. These may be (but are not limited to):
    * Links you add to your post and page content.
    * Links placed in comments by your readers.
    * Links that appear in your blogroll.
    * Links attached to the names of users who comment on your blog.

  6. Hmmmmmmmm - well, I am confused, because my Dashboard definitely records at least some "internal" clicks, such as when people click on my photos to see the full size version.

    I would not have thought they would be considered external?

    Here is a click link I have copied straight of my stats board:

  7. Staff are the ones who can clarify so here's the link. >

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