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clicks on 'outbound' links in stats now showing 'internal' clicks too

  1. It used to be the case that, on my stats page, all the clicks recorded in my stats were either to links going to other sites or clicks on pics in my blog to see a larger view of the pic. There were never clicks shown that went to my own posts or pages. But I've been noticing for a few days now that there are also clicks being counted that go to my own posts---presumably from some of my links in posts to my own relevant content on other posts or pages. I always had internal links like this, so why are they being counted in the "clicks" window now and not before?
    (I assume they are they also being counted as views??)
    If this is a true indication of how often my internal links are being used by readers it would be interesting to me---just don't know how to interpret it since I never saw it before...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If the following excerpt from the support docs entry on stats does not answer your question then you will have to contact Staff.

    These are external links that appear on your blog, and are actually clicked by your readers. These may be (but are not limited to):

    • Links you add to your post and page content.
    • Links placed in comments by your readers.
    • Links that appear in your blogroll.
    • Links attached to the names of users who comment on your blog.

  3. Thank you for the reply and the reference, TimeThief. I'm just curious since it seems new to me, but if no-one else seems to have noticed anything different maybe its all in my head...

  4. Hmm... on rereading the list above it really does seem kind of weird that these are listed in the "clicks on links" sections---they definitely are NOT external links, they are clicks on internal links to my own posts and pages. And maybe it's a coincidence but my page and post view counts are lower than normal. I tried to contact staff but they are closed for the weekend, I'll try again next week...

  5. The reason is obvious, I think. The clicked linked you be seeing, are of and since you own a custom domain, is treated as an external site.

  6. Wow, thanks for that headsup. I thought that the old url would automatically redirect after I got my own domain...I really don't understand this stuff very well. Not sure what to change. So does this mean those clicks are not counted in my pageviews?

  7. Can someone tell me if I really have to go through my whole blog and change all my internal links to other parts of my blog, now that I've purchased my own domain name?

    I did it for one main page of links--an index to all my tutorials, but almost every post has one or more links to other content of my blog, and I really don't want to go through them all one by one changing them if it's not necessary!

    I thought urls with my old "loopbraider dot wordpress." address would just redirect to the new "loopbraider dot com" address (or vice versa--this is all totally foreign territory to me!) So I don't understand why internal links from before on my posts are being counted in stats as clicks on links to external content...

    Thanks in advance...

  8. @ingridcc
    No you do not have to change any links. The internal links on your dashboard remain URLs and that's normal. Your visitors will be seamlessly redirected as I just was to the same content under the domain URLs. Your domain mapping is working. Do nothing.

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