client is requesting an IP address to do a URL redirect to a site I've created

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    I’ve put together a site for a client on and now the client has approved it the want their URL to point the site.

    I’ve sent them all the details from this link “”

    but now the client sent me a message, and I quote “The provided IP addresses are mainly for the DNS Servers which we don’t need as your domain is hosted by another hosted DNS servers. What we need is the IP address of the hosted WEB Server if available to point your URL to it.”

    As far as I was concerned the ip addresses in the support docs were enough to get this done… plus they should actually be changing the name servers anyway, not the ip address…

    Am I missing something here?

    – hope you can help


    Blog url:


    If I’m reading you question correctly, your client wants that when someone visits his own domain, what should be shown is the site you’ve setup, correct?

    If so, the instructions you mention are the correct ones. Pointing domain servers at IP addresses can be dangerous as the numbers may change in time, whereas names do not.


    Yes you’ve got it exactly…That’s kind of what I thought about using IP adresses….

    what I don’t understand is why they they say they say they are unable to use the ip addresses on the support docs




    They probably mean the IP address of the site, but that can change too. That address can be obtained by pinging the URL, but I’d strongly advise against mapping in any other way than the recommended one, as we cannot guarantee that it will work.


    thanks – I thought as much…

    I’ll let them know



    by the way, a question I’ve been wondering about for a while – if they change the domain over, does the original address cease to exist? as I have a few internal links and I’m wondering if I have to change them manually – plus how do I log into the dashboard?

    it’s been a long day and I’m still editing css on!

    many thanks




    The old URL will still exist and function. You can access your Dashboard via the admin bar the top of your browser when you’re logged in to


    Awesomeness – thanks

    – got a load of things to sort out on this site tomorrow…

    I may be able to see light at the end of the tunnel!

    – have a good evening!




    You’re welcome!

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