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  1. Can I add a clock to my blog? If so how?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot answer that question without looking at your blog, so please give us a link, starting with http.

    I work n te Netherlands and the time given is 2 hours different from our real time.
    Can I adjust the time myself, and if so: HOW.

    Heinz Wallisch

  4. heinzwallisch - WordPress runs on UTC, as it has users worldwide, so the start and end time for stats will remain the same, but you can easily adjust the time of your own blog and posts. Follow these steps:

  5. perfectionistgal

    Of course you can by going different websites that suit your needes. I found a website clock on this site:

    There you can setup your settings and just copy your URL on your blog. By doing that, you must go and edit your widget, (if your theme does not have widget side bars then you will have to change your theme with side bars(s). Editing your widget is very simple, just go to "Edit profile" on your top left corner, there's an edit bar in gray. Once you're there, scroll down to "Appearance" --> "Widgets". OK, next you need to add/select "TEXT". Then paste your URL address in the TEXT box, save it then you'll see it appears on your blog.

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