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Clock still on GMT?

  1. I encountered a bit of weirdness this evening; as I was checking posts, I realized the stats hadn't clicked over at 5pm my time as they usually do. In fact, when I checked the stats after 6pm they were still adding onto the total from "yesterday" when they should have cut off an hour before.

    Was there some strangeness with the clock, or has it been moved to something other than Greenwich Mean Time? It's not that I didn't get any hits after five, because when that happens the graph goes down to zero.

    The Feed Graph, strangely, was operating as normal.

  2. The clock in London ran out of batteries?

  3. Someone needs to kick the server?

    (waits for drmike/trent to yell at me)

  4. It would be great if the Time offset was based on a table and took into account Daylight Savings/Summer Time...

  5. Won't get a yell out of me. I want to yell at their boxes many times. One of their datacenters is know for running trojaned boxes and for their staff dragging their feet on dealing with complaints.

    Was rather surprised that Mr. "I hate spam" Matt went with them actually. I know at my own routers, we've got large chunks of their IP address firewalled and have for quite some time. Some in place for years now.

    As to teh tables, considering there exists well over 150 different Daylight Saving Time situations on this planet last time I checked, I seriously doubt it will every happen. It's one of teh reasons why its encouraged to run servers on UTC.

    But to answer Rain's question, it's happened before.

  6. Um, yeah. Like August 30th of last year.

    Why did this get bumped?

  7. Beats me.

  8. I still can't see the timestamp/ whois/ ip address/ edit/ etc. links within the first post so i couldn't tell you.

  9. Rain was the OP. Posted: Wednesday, August 30th, 2006 at 7:07 am
    We can't figure out why aurelius bumped it.

  10. My watch is running late too ehehehe
    I'm still on yesterday's time ;)
    Might as well enjoy the spare 25th hour :P

  11. LOL.

    I didn't even look at the date of the original post.

    Oh well. At least I didn't get yelled at :)

  12. No worries: I only yell at dumb people, and you're not dumb, and it's my thread.

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