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    Is there a way I can put a clock onto my blog? Too bad WP doesn’t allow Javascript. (But I understand.)



    No. Clocks are dynamic. That suggests they need to be in javascript which as you have noted we cannot have. However, because every computer out there already has a built-in clock I don’t consider it to be an essential. My readers have clocks on their computers and I have one on mine = no issue.



    Also remember that to 96% (23 out of 24 time zones) of your visitors, that time’s going to be wrong anyway. :)


    Since I’m writing from halfway around the world from my intended audience, I’d like to be able to display local my local time for them. Not possible because of the JS factor?


    Never mind timethief–it looks like you’ve answered this one 1000 times. Apologies.



    Believe me, we’ve answered everything a thousand times. The search box is your friend.

    HOWEVER: if you use the Weather Pixie you can get local time as well. I don’t know how it works, but you just put it in a blank text widget and stick it in your sidebar and POOF, it works.



    Some people just don’t get it.
    We want to have a clock showing the time where we live – the site visitor can easily see the time where he/she lives – but may be in a different time zone. Its so that friends and relos in other countries can call us.



    Believe me when we say – we do get it. But maybe the bloggers posting about this don’t.
    The only “clock widgets” available are javascript and we cannot have javascript on blogs

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