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Clock Widget???

  1. I'm told from a fellow wordpress user there was a widget which would display a clock to show what time it is of where I'm blogging. More specifically...she describes is as a little clock off to the side that would show what time it is in Afghanistan. Is this true?? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Would love for my family to be able to log into my blog from back in the States and see a clock of what time it is for me in Afghanistan!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Timethief...thank you so much! I found a clock widget link and followed your advice about copying the code into a text widget. I thought it would actually show the pic of the clock...on my blog, it just shows the text code.

    What did I do wrong??

    Thank you for the help-

  3. Wow! This is really cool! Thank you timethief and to you too TC for asking the question!

  4. @taiyasworld
    If you used the code from one of the posts I linked to above then please post a comment on that blog and ask for help there.

  5. @babso2you
    You're welcome. :)

  6. Note: most of the clocks in the posts timethief linked to display the visitor's local time, not the blogger's local time. You need to find a clock with timezone settings - search the links I'm giving here:

  7. Thanks to all for the links; I'm finding the right clocks, but I am completely lost when it starts to talk about "plug-ins" that I have to download/upload in wordpress.

  8. I am completely lost when it starts to talk about "plug-ins" that I have to download/upload in wordpress.

    There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and we cannot install individual plugins into them Those found on the internet are for wordpress.ORG installs which run on different software.

    There are restricted codes here to preserve security as this is a multiuser blogging platform. Note that the links panaghiotisadam has posted are to clocks that we can use on blogs (no plugins involved).

  9. @taiyasworld: If you link to the pages with the clocks you like, I can tell you if and how you can add them to your blog.

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