Clock widget — can I do this ?

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    I thought it would be nice and also handy to place a flash clock on my site (since I’m there a lot, lol). I’m just wondering whether adding this code is possible or am I just trying to put it in the wrong place? I tried to paste this code into HTML widgets but all I’m getting is text….not the small animated clock:

    <table><tr><td><div id="flash_container_tt50429ed5b3867"></div>
    	var flashMap = new SWFObject("", "main", "150", "150", "7.0.22", "#FFFFFF", true)
    	flashMap.addParam("movie",      "");
    	flashMap.addParam("quality",    "high");
    	flashMap.addParam("wmode",    "transparent");
    	flashMap.addParam("flashvars",  "color=FFFFFF&logo=1&city=913044");
    </td></tr><tr><td style="text-align:center;font-weight:bold;"><a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:none;" title="clock for Indianapolis">Indianapolis</a></td></tr></table>

    The blog I need help with is


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    You might be able to use gigya shortcode to put that clock onto your website. Here is a link to some other analog clocks. And within that article some information about using the gigya shortcode:


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    Without the work around gigya shortcode, we are not able to use widgets with flash. Flash is among the code we are forbidden here on is a type of shared environment, where all users are running off of the same software. This is great because it allows us at Automattic to update millions of blogs at the same time with a single click. It means we can fix bugs or offer new features very quickly, which is a win for you as users. Having all users running on the same software can also be dangerous. If we aren’t careful, one user has the potential to take down the entire site. So this is why we need to limit some of the things you post on your blog.


    Cool. That was what I thought, it would require gigya shortcode which works-around the flash code. Looks like I’m not the only blogger with the notion of adding a clock. And yet I thought it might be considered too weird, lol.

    So yeah, OK, I’m off to see what I can do, thanks!


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    You are welcome.

    Keep in mind that gigya code is not officially supported here on so your clock may vanish at any time, so to speak.

    (and as a volunteer, none of my opinions are official but gigya has been functional for a while and IMO it is currently useful)


    AAWW. Oh well! =)

    I did find a lot of interesting clocks and at the moment I’m trying out two of them. Both are really good looking and either would be fine for my needs and the style of my blog. However, neither of them will center. I’d rather not resize and go larger, since that might look a bit overwhelming… Is there a means of centering a code like this, which doesn’t show any positioning tags?


    I will post one of them to show what I mean.


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    Here are some things to try in the text editor (it’s almost midnight and I’m falling asleep so have not tried which would work in your sidebar):

    <div align="center">
    <div style="padding-left:NUMBER px;">
    <table align="center" style="padding-left:NUMBER px;"><tr><td>

    I’ll be back tomorrow, or another volunteer can help: something will work


    Oh, hey…I randomly tried the first option, and it works! My wooden clock looks awesome….ticking and tocking… it would be even cooler if there was a soft “tick tock” sound, lol… but, can’t have everything… :)

    Thank You~

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