Closed Window While Saving = Lost Draft?

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    I was very tired last night while working on a draft of a post. I had previously saved the draft. This was about the third time I had opened it to work on it.

    It got so bad that I was stuck in the middle of a sentence, unable to finish it. So I clicked save, getting ready to close up and go to sleep. Firefox’s spinner spun for some unknown time (tired, remember?) and at some point I got impatient. I closed the window and went to sleep.

    This morning, there’s no sign of my draft: neither the version I was working on last night, nor any of the previous drafts.

    Is this what you would expect?



    It should still be there is you had saved it. Is it not displayed along the top of your “Write Post” page under a heading of draft? (Let me know if you need a screen cap of this. I have a ton of them.)

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