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    I was wondering if anyone knows how to close a commenting thread on a blog. I have a commenting thread I would like to bring to an end.

    I have checked the back end, but can’t seem to find the place where I can close comments on one particular article. I want to keep all the comments, but just stop any further commenting on the article.

    I notice there is a check box on the article that says “allow comments”. I am scared that by unchecking that box I might lose all the comments already posted.

    Thanks for any help you can offer on this.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you want to close comments on a thread you need to unclick that box.
    Note1: By unclicking the box on that post it disables comments ONLY for that post.
    Note 2: The only way to delete a comment is to go to Dashboard–>Comments and than delete accordingly.



    Thanks for the help.

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