closing blogs and opening them under a new name

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    I started a blog 3 years ago (or more) for my daughter’s school garden. I’d like to turn this over to others to run. However, I also started several other blogs, and when I open the school garden blog, my other blogs appear — same password and all. I’d like those blogs to be totally separate and not linked to the school garden blog. How do I unlink them? Do I need to invite someone else to run the blog, close the other blogs, and then open them again under my name? I haven’t really done anything on the other blogs, but would like to.

    The blog I need help with is



    Don’t delete or close anything.

    If you add a new user to a blog they can only see and change the specific blog they have been added to, they can’t see any other of your blogs. So you can add a new user – say Editor to a blog and they can run it while you take you time deciding who will have the blog transferred to.

    This should help a bit:

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