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Closing comments with Regulus

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering why if you have allowed comments on a post and some have been left, that if you then choose to close commenting all the comments are removed from view?

    Shouldn't you really be able to allow commenting for a post and then be able to stop it at a later date, but still display the existing comments?

    I know people are going to say it's probably theme dependent, or if I hosted the blog myself I could do as I pleased etc. etc.

    But logically, it just seems odd to me.



  2. You're right, that is odd. I don't tend to close comments so have never experienced it.

    Have you tried a quick theme switch to see if it is theme dependent?

  3. if you use the pressrow theme you can close comments while showing your previous comments as well.

  4. @ sulz
    Thanks that's really good to know because that's what the spammers are doing. They are sending in fake comments on old posts. Now I can go ahead and close the comments on my old posts - ah ha! Thanks again. :)

  5. Can I do this with other themes? I have one post where the *S* comments are coming in. I was trying to figure out how to close comments on that single old post. My theme for that blog is: Treba by Phu.

  6. @blumoon
    -> dashboard -> manage -> posts -> select the post and click "edi"
    look to the far right hand side for the blue bar that says "discusion + -"
    -> click the + - sign and clear both of the check boxes for "allow comments" and "allow pings" -> scroll down under the post on the left hand side -> click "save"
    That should do it. I have hundreds to do *sigh*. :)

  7. Thanks for the directions TT ... couldn't find it for the life of me. Done! Hundreds?! Oh no. That really sucks.

  8. @blumoon
    I know that what I'm describing will work because I changed my test blog theme to the Treba theme and tested it. What you probably are not finding is the options on the very far right hand side of the post after you open it to edit it. Look way over to the right. Look outside the editor box that you typed the post into. You will see a series of dark blue labels with white writing on them that you probably have never noticed or used. The top one says "Discussion" and it will have either a = sign or - sign on it's far right corner. When you find it the instructions will make sense to you.
    First find the post you want to close comments on and click on edit. Then look for "discussion" on the far right hand side of the page.
    P.S. Ever since I protested the porno blogs being in top posts and top blogs and I started successfully hunting down the spammers and sploggers who haunt the forum they have been after my blog. I am giving them the single finger salute and increasing my hunting forays. The spam dragon will never give up the hunt and podz and sysadmin won't either.

  9. timethief: glad to help. i noticed i'm having a lot of spam in my previous posts as well, but akismet has caught all of them excellently.

  10. Glad it works for you guys 'n' gals. It's a bit sucky that Regulus removes the comments. :(

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