Closing Topics Before Answering Question

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    After scanning Tag Surfer today I followed up with the question whether there is a rating system for Tag Surfer based on my observation that certain bloggers appear repeatedly?

    I’m also asking a broader question: if posts and blogs cannot be found using Tag Surfer and there is no directory, are most blogs in effect an unshared personal diary ?



    I closed the topic because it was a duplicate question. (see: )
    Can’t be that difficult.

    If you feel more confortable with this thread, I’ll close the other one to avoid duplicate conversation.


    If you don’t want to answer either of the two questions, that’s fine.
    Are you the moderator or the censor?



    I answer only when I think to know the answer. In this case I’m afraid I cannot help.
    For the rest I’m trying to keep the forum tidy. No censorship, your duplicate posts are still there.


    About those doubles: it really would be nice if WP could install that filter which gives us a text that say “looks like you have already said that once” – or words to that effect. It works fine on our blogs.

    I get so embarrassed when the system gets these hick-ups and print everything twice or more. Because the forums can suddenly have that “bug” and it usually comes in series? It is a small thing to ask for but it really would be helpful.

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