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Cloud Mess

  1. I am using the theme ChaoticSoul < "" >. My clouds are a mess with tag words overlapping each other and so on. Has anyone else had this issue? How do I solve it (other than selecting a new theme)?

  2. yes i Did have the issue once Try taking it off and then putting it back on again that worked for me but also my friend had this happen and doing that didn't work so just try!

  3. Well, looks like I'm in the "it didn't work for me" group, but thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Try temporarily changing to another theme and see if it straighten's itself out. If it does, it is a bug in the theme. Make sure after you switch themes to clear your browser cache and force reload your blog to make sure it doesn't pick up something in the cache.

  5. thesacredpath, no luck there either. Tried combining your suggestion and that of rocker56 (removed the clouds, changed themes, emptied the cache--and the trash while I was at it) then restored ChaoticSoul and clouds. Same result. It also happens with all the browsers I have installed (IE, FireFox, Opera). I took a quick look at the source code for the page and it looks like where ever the cloud is getting it's specifications may be the problem. I don't know much about CSS but it looks like the cloud is designed with font sizes from 8 to 22 (alternately, 100% to 275%) and I that range is too extreme for the template. I gonna try to contact the author of the template and see what I can find out with him/her, but in the mean time, please keep the suggestions coming. I'll try them all.


  6. Hey, everybody. If anyone knows how to contact the author of this theme please let me know. It seems the link on the bottom of the theme is a dead end. :(

  7. lettershometoyou

    Good luck with the theme author. I have lots of issues with redoable lite, but contacting the author brought nada.

  8. It is really staff that you would contact anyways since they would have had to "alter" the themes to make them compatible with this service. That being said, a CSS guru might have a solution if you had the CSS upgrade.


  9. The theme here at has been modified from the original to run on the multi-user version of wordpress. The problem will have to be addressed by WordPress.

    When you switched themes, did the tag cloud correct itself? If it did, then it's a bug in Chaoticsoul and you should contact staff so they are aware of it. Include a link to your blog, your username, your email address you used to set up your blog, and a clear description of the problem. (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Pacific time) or using the "support" button in the upper right of your dashboard.

  10. lettershometoyou, thanks for the frank assessment. Not encouraging, but at least I know what to expect.

    trent, unfortionately, it seems there is no option to email the staff on weekends. And of course, they are only open during bankers hours, the same hours that many of us work, therefore creating a situation where contacting them is gonna be dang tough. It does noew seem that it may be a WordPress issue, not specifically a template issue (see below).

    thesacredpath, yes (short answer). The issue seems to exist in various forms with many of the templates. A number of them exhibit the same symptoms (cloud entries too large and bleeding over each other), or they are too large to fit in the area alloted for the cloud and only the first portion of the word appears. It's starting to look to me like it is more basic than specific templates and has to do with the code WordPress is using for the clouds. But as I said, I'm no programming expert.

  11. Ooops. thesacredpath, the correct reponse should have been "no (short answer)."

  12. If the tag cloud did not correct when you switched to another theme, then your only hope it to contact wordpress staff.

  13. Thanks for the help, every one.

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